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csXGraph 2.0

csXGraph 2.0: ActiveX control to draw 2D pie charts, bar charts and line graphs. charts, bar charts and line graphs. As well as displaying the graphs they can be exported to file in gif, png, bmp, jpg or pcx format. Output can be exported as binary data for use with web applications, or copied to the clipboard. A comprehensive selection of properties allow control over colours, fonts, formatting and layout. Pie and bar charts can be drawn with random colours if required, and can display percentages or numeric values. Line graphs

Pocket Charts 1.30: Stock charts and quotes for your PocketPC. With technical analysis. FREE Trial!
Pocket Charts 1.30

Pocket Charts is a sophisticated charting application for the Pocket PC operating system. It enables you to quickly download stock/index price data off the Internet and then view it in the form of interactive charts on your PDA. Once you`ve downloaded the data you`re able to view your price history charts off-line. Pocket Charts is compatible with various exchanges. As well as standard price charts you can overlay many Technical Analysis charts.

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XDX Charts 12.2.4

Charts components version absolutely for free. DevExpress Controls Descendant - It is easy for you to deal with XDX Charts and use it if you are a DevExpress VCL customer. Easy to Customize - XDX Charts has an embedded customization popup menu to easily access required properties. Support for Variety Data Sources - XDX Charts supports both DB and unbound data. Data Grouping - XDX Charts allows you to set grouping criteria to extract series data.

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JFreeChart 1.0.6: JFreeChart is a free Java class library for generating charts (GNU LGPL).
JFreeChart 1.0.6

JFreeChart is a free Java class library for generating charts (GNU LGPL). Support is included for: pie charts, bar charts, line charts, scatter plots, time series charts, candlestick charts, high-low-open-close charts and more. Use in applications, servlets, JSP or applets. Export to PNG, JPEG, PDF, SVG and HTML image maps. Complete source code is included, subject to the GNU LGPL.

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Rich Chart Server 1.0: Rich Chart Server generates captivating dynamic Flash charts from ASP.NET.
Rich Chart Server 1.0

charts. Features and Benefits: - Powerful data integration: Create dynamic charts from database, XML and any other data sources available in .NET. - Impressive Charts: Impress your audience by creating stunning Rich Media charts that transform your data into an enjoyable and captivating experience. Includes sophisticated 3D and shaded chart styles. - Interactivity: Create interactive charts with tooltips and drill-down links that can point to other

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Mortgage Calculator 1.0: Free Real Estate Mortgage Calculator With Charts is a script that figures total
Mortgage Calculator 1.0

Free Real Estate Mortgage Calculator With Charts is a script that figures in Private Mortgage Insurance, property tax, and more that can be used to figure out monthly payments and amortization of a home mortgage loan.

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FusionCharts Free v2.1: Animated Flash Charts & Graphs for ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, RoR and JSP applications
FusionCharts Free v2.1

Charts Free includes ASP and PHP API to help you easily create charts and graphs in PHP and ASP. Additionally, ASP.NET wrappers are also present for easy inclusion of charts in ASP.NET projects. As such, PHP Charting, ASP Charting and ASP.NET charting becomes a breeze for you. At the same time, FusionCharts Free can also plot charts in JSP, ColdFusion, Ruby on Rails or simple HTML pages. FusionCharts Free is often termed as the best free flash charting

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